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Lawn Mowing

Mountain Meadow Mowing provides quality lawn mowing with top of the line landscape equipment. We mow with quality and perfection, creating a fresh cut and clean look to your lawn. Trimming the edges, blowing debris off hardscape materials, and making sure the lawn is free from material, is also part of the service.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups:

Starting the summer season off with a clean up entices grass to grow in healthy and abundantly. Winter can leave a mess on the lawn with leaves and other debris that has blown in with the wind. We take care of all debris and give the lawn a fresh start to the growing season. In the fall, we offer to pick up any leaves that may have fallen or blown onto your lawn. Leaves left of the lawn may promote diseases, fungus or even weeds to produce. So having us pick those up before the snow flies, is a task we are diligent with and take pride in.


Keep your lawn healthy and green with a specialized fertilization plan specific to your lawn.


Although we do not specialize in this task, we do offer light pruning of trees to keep your lawn free of sticks and branches and to help promote growth for the tree itself.

Flowerbed Care

Need help weeding or planting new flowers to bring color to your landscaping? We can help you make sure your flowerbeds are something to talk about.

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We can handle all your seasonal property maintenance needs in one place.

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